Starting Over After a Bad Day

I like to look at my life as a blank canvas.

Every morning I get a chance to paint a new picture – unique to what I am feeling that day or what I want in life.

And this valuable imagery.

You wouldn’t hand the brush over to an employer, a friend or even a loved one and allow them to paint on your canvas – that would not be a true representation of your life the way you want to live it.

But that’s what we do – allow others to unduly influence or even hijack the life that is ours.

To reclaim it, start each day with a blank canvas – you may paint a Rembrandt or it may wind up looking like finger painting.

But it’s yours and the more we value and protect our choice to live the way we want to, the happier we will be.

Today is your picture of what you want and how you want to use this day.

When people are close to death, they often regret a lot of things that they never thought about when they had years to live.

Doing it your way – for better or worse – is one way to avoid those regrets.

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