Adversity Introduces A Person To Him or Herself

I know three people in my life right now who have had or have cancer. 

They are all under 30.

One has had serious breast cancer surgery.  One had leukemia as a teenager.  And the third just found out a few days ago that she will have to have a suspicious lump removed.

This is unfair but life can be unfair. 

When cancer comes calling, this horrible disease seems to bring the best out of people.  Most victims find out how strong they really are even if previously they never felt strong.  Those around them automatically offer their support, a hug, a prayer, a friendship to help them through the crisis.

What a wonderful world this would be if we could do all those things for each other without having it prompted by serious illness.

In fact we can – now.

The cure for cancer is partially in the hands of physicians and partially in the mind of the person fighting for their health.  

The prescription for being a good friend to yourself and others is to offer the cure without the disease.

Adversity introduces a person to him or herself and to those around them.

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