Anger Rooms

There is an Atlanta-area company called The Break Room that charges a fee for people to come in and blow off steam, relieve anxiety and get rid of anger.

They reportedly did a brisk business when the Falcons lost the Super Bowl to New England where people smashed the likenesses of Tom Brady’s face and the Patriot’s logo.

It would be understandable if those rooms existed just for the rare occasion of a Super Bowl loss but they do not as people are proving they are willing to pay between $20 and $90 for a 20-minute session to relieve stress by trashing things.

For everyone else, keep the money and follow these suggestions:

Lower your expectations – keep motivation high and expectations low.

Deep breathing, relaxation, letting go always helps to lower the heart and breathing rate. 

Keep a constant reminder of gratitude in mind – the people and the things that you are grateful for because this can lessen tension. 

Exercise.  The best physically effective way to reduce stress is to get moving, workout or even walk.

Not good enough – then beat a pillow.

Our connected world brings many challenges but one of the best ways to meet them is to let go of stress, worry and pent up anger by doing things that are actually good for us.

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