More than half the day is spent on digital devices.

Previous generations used to limit the amount of time children were able to watch TV.

Today, it’s not TV, it’s screen time, homework on iPads and social media, You Tube and video games.

Why is it so easy to binge watch on Netflix but not binge on spending time interacting with each other in person?

Even if you want to stop, Netflix rolls the next episode before you can reach for the remote.  And it’s not just streaming video, it’s video games and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

But there is a way to balance binge watching video and no, it does not mean turning the TV off.

Commit to spending the same time you binge watched shows last night with face-to-face contact with people you love or who make up an important part of your life the next day.

This way, the black hole of digital distraction can inspire the warmth of real time relationships guilt-free.

For example, offset two hours of watching half-hour episodes of You’re Dead To Me (Netflix) with two hours of face-to-face and 100% totally present (no phones or distractions) with a living, breathing, loving person you care about.

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