Changing That Little Voice In Your Head

Our level of confidence usually comes down to that little voice in our head that gives us permission to succeed or sets us up to fail.

A baseball player doesn’t take the field and listen to an inner voice that says “Don’t hit the ball to me, I might drop it or commit an error”.

And their inner voice doesn’t even say “I will not make an error”.

It’s better yet.

“Hit the ball to me – I can handle it”.

This is how to change that little voice in your head that somehow says “I can speak one on one but not to groups”.

Kick that voice out.

“I can speak to anyone from my heart, as myself, as long as I have earned the right to speak on the topic”.

Or for folks who say, “They will never hire me with all those qualified people applying”.

Adjust your inner voice to say, “They ought to hire me – I’m an excellent candidate, I work hard and I will make a difference”.

For those of us looking for the perfect mate in our lives, why not choke off that unhelpful voice that says “I can’t find that person” and replace it with:

“Someone is waiting to meet and get to know me as the person I am so I will just keep being that person”.

Tweetable reminder: Banish that inner voice that says “I can’t” with the one that says “I can handle it”.

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