Christmas Gifts For Under 0 Cents

  • A day with your son or daughter with phones and digital devices turned off – yours, too.
  • A two-sentence card to your spouse that says what you love about them and a second line to give a meaningful example.
  • The gift of discovery – set out to do something alone or with someone or people you care about to do something you have never done before. No cheating.
  • Self gift this to yourself – a list (as long as possible) of all the good things you’ve done for others and for yourself since last holiday season. Then post the list on the mirror where you shave or put on makeup.
  • Forgive someone – the harder, the better.  Carrying around animosity even when it is deserved eats away at our happiness. Release it this holiday season. No big announcement. Just do it.
  • Give the gift of your time to someone who really needs it – even a stranger you may never see again. Go to a nursing home – see a relative or friend.  Choose a person who needs a friend or a friendly ear, and make it you.
  • Here’s one I do every year – call the spouse of a person who has lost their husband or wife. Call on Christmas Day or a few days before or after. You will make their day and make yours as well.
  • Give to the needy or homeless in the names of those you care about (your children, spouse, friends or employees).  Then include a letter with your check honoring those folks and send them a copy. Okay, I cheated – I said gifts for under 0 cents, but the other ones have saved a lot of money. The size of the gift isn’t important – the thought and consideration is.

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