Christmas Wish

As a radio program director one of my favorite on-air promotions was “Christmas Wish” where listeners told the station what would make their holiday dreams come true and a few were picked at random on-air and offered prize packages.

  • A military wife might have asked for a trip overseas to see her husband and when chosen by the station received a roundtrip ticket, pocket cash and a present to take along. You get the idea.
  • But Christmas Wish can be done without any monetary consideration and without having to be the lucky winner chosen by a radio station.
  • Think about the one thing that someone special in your life wants that is not driven by cash considerations alone and be the one to give that gift.

The best gifts can be the ones when you become Santa Claus by discovering the inner wishes and dreams of those that matter most.

Have a Happy Holiday – we will return to start the new year on a positive note.