Combatting Rudeness

My wife was on the phone with an Apple service rep the other day and when she asked how is your day going, she was not ready for the response.

She said she was going to Walmart just before Valentine’s Day to get her kids a card and some stuffed animals when she encountered customers in the store fighting over the stuffed animals.

Then when she was attempting to check out, she saw fighting in line that was so intimidating that she walked out without the gifts.

It’s not just Walmart, it’s getting to be everywhere as people think that it is okay to dispense with common courtesy.

This kind of thing affects our mood, our day and often the way we feel about others.

In a stressed-out world, courtesy seems to have taken a back seat.

To fight against rude people, look to the people who are not rude.   They may be the quiet ones, the unnoticed.

It is important for me not to lose hope that most people care about being nice, they are just getting pushed aside by outrageous behavior online and in person.

Perhaps you feel the same way?

For every rude person, make it a point to look around and find at least one unnoticed person who is being kind.

Changing the world begins with one person at a time.

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