Confidence Helpers

  • People who sap our confidence often don’t have the accomplishments we have so focus on your existing strengths when others make you feel weak.
  • Repeat often today “There is only one of me in the world” and be proud of it.
  • Steve Jobs was forced out of his own company but later returned to Apple to gain fame and fortune. Starting today, see every so-called “failure” as a step toward success. This is the single most important thing to me in gaining and maintaining self-confidence.
  • Anyone can be confident when things go their way but people who can learn from misfortune can be confident in good times and bad.
  • Ted Williams was the greatest hitter in baseball, hitting just over .400 one season – a remarkable feat. I think about this often. Not the over .400 part. The 60% percent of the time that the greatest hitter ever failed.

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