Controlling the Job Interview

I thought you would be interested in a student of mine at NYU who will be participating in our summer music business program in LA.

She wants to work in a talent agency that caters to musicians and performing artists so after being introduced to a top talent agent, she was told to write a 5-page paper on the future of the music business.

No problem — she took a course about that with me last semester so on the transcontinental flight from New York to LA over spring break, she pounded out the report on her laptop.

The talent agent was a tough character but he sent her to a second interview and finally one with a third.

In preparation for that final interview my only advice was what I am going to share with you this morning – don’t allow yourself to become the person they want, stick steadfastly to being the person you want to be.

Turns out she was offered a virtual internship but the university requires it to be in-person for the summer program so she had to turn it down.

The interviewer said, no problem – you can start in the fall when you return to New York.

No matter how badly we want something, it is important to remain true to who you are so that should you get the job, the employer also gets the best of you.