Cut Anxiety Today by One-Half

  1. Nurture a few relationships that are important to you.  These people are your best resource for dealing with the basic human need for support when we face recovering from short or long-term anxiety problems.
  2. Remember this quote from none other than Shakespeare:  “assume a virtue if you have it not”.  This is my favorite tool — my constant reminder to assume that I have what it takes in any situation instead of right away letting a thought creep into my mind that I don’t.
  3. Not all anxiety is bad and it is amazing that we can tolerate more anxiety than we think, but when our health, quality of life or relationships start feeling the toll, seek professional help.
  4. Sometimes anxiety is caused by expectations we, or others unfairly put on ourselves.  For every anxious thought, also include an appreciation of gratitude for that which we do right.
  5. Anxiety makes us feel like we are losing control but the irony of life is that we gain control by giving up control.  Sometime this morning, try giving up control of something that bothers you and see how it feels.

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