Digital Detox Everyone Agrees With

I thought you’d like to hear about this interesting moment I had with a classroom full of NYU students recently –- as you’ll see, they finally agree to a person what they would be enthusiastic about doing to gain control of their digital devices.

  • I asked how many were happy with how they use their digital devices – 50% were (seems like the world is divided even here).
  • I proposed a question that could be asked every time they are tempted to spend more time on their devices.
  • The question: “How will this device, app, more screen time and additional social media make me happier or better off? 
  • Some want to gain more control and redirect their time to interacting with others and some want to make sure they don’t build a bigger bubble in which to be further removed from real time.

It’s rare to get agreement especially among young people who have never not had a digital life to ask the benefits first before plunging ahead.