Escaping the Past

At my mom’s nursing home they had a habit of playing XM 40’s channel before it merged with Sirius.

Many of the residents had cognitive problems they were living with so at lunch and dinner they enjoyed the music of their lives until the news came on.

Back then the 40’s channel would recreate news from the 40’s so when they heard the newscaster say “Adolph Hitler has invaded Russia” they got upset.

The past was not a pleasant memory in this case.

Remembering family events to the best of their ability was a case of the past enhancing the present.

The past and the future are not the “now” where we need to live focused 100% present.

Looking to the future helps us plan.

Looking to the past helps us learn.

Being in the now is the only place we can be happy.

Use the past and future like you would a file.  Open it when needed but be sure to close it and return to what you’re doing in the present.

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