Having It All

You can’t have it all without paying the price for all of it.

But often, having it all is not worth it.

A stay at home parent pays the price at work.

Ted Koppel stopped his ABC News career to raise his kids in a day when that was considered weird but when they grew up he returned to his broadcasting career and became famous for his “Nightline” TV series.

He paid a price and got a gain.

Not everyone has to be a parent.

Not everyone has to be a successful entrepreneur.

The solution to having it all is checking in with yourself two, three, four times a day to get accustomed to being in touch with what you really want – what matters.

Here is Amy Westervelt’s article on the myth of having it all that may hit home.

In the end, having it all is what’s right for you not anyone or everyone else.  If you know what you truly want, then you will be prepared to pay the price for being truly happy.

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