Healing Revenge

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have dealt a serious blow to his presidential ambitions because of revenge – that is assuming, of course, that he was aware of the actions of his staff to disrupt traffic on the George Washington Bridge that spans New York City.

Putting politics aside because both political parties are usually always guilty of the same transgressions, seeking revenge kills careers, families and interpersonal relationships.

Confucius said, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”.

Don’t get mad get even is bad advice.

If forgiveness doesn’t work, try channeling your creative juices.

There is much psychological evidence that creativity heals the urge to seek revenge and it helps folks deal with the painful circumstances revenge creates.

Politicians will never learn, but they are not alone.

Until we deal with the feelings that prompt us to use whatever powers we have to seek revenge on another, our lives will not only be filled with anger but careers and families will be broken as well.

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