How to Focus Better

Did you hear about the 23 year-old Italian woman who was mistakenly given six doses of the Pfizer vaccine at once by a distracted nurse?

Sounds like the patient may have been distracted as well as she sat there for the six jabs – six!

Healthcare workers may be forgiven considering the stress that they have been under but this illustrates the stressful world we’re living in – it’s not just the person in the car ahead of you texting when the light turns green.

You can’t just stop distractions because our minds live in a distracted state 24/7 – multi-tasking is working by distractions and it’s considered normal.

Rest is the key to better focusing – the mind can only take so much and then it needs a break.  Changing activities, refreshing your mind and putting the brakes on a life that is aroused by interruption.

An average 41.5 texts sent or received every day.

Over 120 new emails a day with most people responding to only 25% of them.

Over 560 billion texts sent every month globally.

Focus does not require concentration — it begs for fewer distractions.