How To Stop Worrying

The easiest thing to do seems like the hardest – to put a stop/loss on worry.

Worry is fear thought and nothing more.

Get a grip on fear by changing the way you look at it.

  • 99% of what we fear will never happen – obsess on that, not the 1%.
  • And the 1% hardly ever happens the way we fear it – know that and be reassured by it.
  • Since we always fear the worst, be prepared to accept it and deal with the consequences on the 1% chance that it actually happens.
  • Stay busy because it is impossible to be busy and worried sick.
  • Gratitude reduces worry.
  • Get the facts – most worry is based on assumptions not based on reality.
  • Focus on what is right in our lives, not what is wrong and put both in its proper perspective.

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