Intention Deficit Disorder

Advocates of the mind/body connection say you don’t have to go to church to practice gratitude. 

And adopting an attitude of gratitude has been proven to make those willing to do it happier.

What I thought was useful was the term “Intention Deficit Disorder” that I heard Dr. Oz use – that is, the ability to start each day with a positive intention as opposed to rehashing or ruminating on the negative things in our lives.

What is your intention to be happier today? 

To be blunt, if we start the day without a specific intention to be happy then we are at the mercy of luck to find happiness.  Those are bad odds.  We can do better.

  1. On your phone or iPad or on a simple piece of paper, wake up, take a moment and isolate one positive specific thing you intend to do to be happier today.
  2. You will have 365 of them for each year – 366 in a Leap Year.
  3. You may repeat the same intention on purpose or not because this simple log will tell you a lot about your intentions.
  4. Before closing out the note or putting away the paper, rate how yesterday’s intention worked.  Did you have a good day or bad – rate from 1-10 (10 being a spectacularly happy day).

Most of us want to be happier and only need to make a positive daily affirmation part of our routine to rid our minds of negative thoughts that haunt us so we have a chance for happiness.

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