Less Stress

In our world, it’s not just our stress that’s getting to us, it’s that of others conveyed to you.

You could live the perfect stress-free life but you still have to live in an imperfect stressful world.

What to do?

Recognize if it’s your stress or theirs – own yours, deflect theirs.

You’re better at dealing with stress than you probably think so put a hold on it when you don’t like the way it makes you feel.

You don’t have to solve the problem to relieve the stress – just recognize it and put it in its place.

When others infect you with their stress, remember that you are paying a price with your health and happiness the longer you keep absorbing negative emotions like a sponge.

When all else fails, think about something or someone for which you are grateful – stress cannot exist at the same time that you are actively experiencing gratitude.

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