Managing Screen Time

Steve Jobs and his wife would not let their children have unlimited use of the Internet.

The man who arguably did more to put the Internet in the hands and pockets of so many knew that too much of a good thing is not in the interest of young people.

Well, it’s also not in the interest of older folks, either.

Balance has always been the goal in life even before smartphones and digital devices were invented and it is no different now.

The best way to get a hold on too much use of digital devices is to redefine what these devices are which is tools, not a lifestyle.

A lifestyle is talking, sharing, laughing, experiencing and discovering people and places around us.  The tools that can often make this easier are digital access to the wide resources of the Internet and the world of apps.

Too many sweets are not good for the health.

Too much time devoted to an excellent communication tool instead of living in the present is also not good for the health.

My students at USC who were forced by their professor to give up using their smartphones for two days largely had these two conclusions.

One, they missed their phones and two, they enjoyed not being tethered to them so much even though they wanted their phones back.

In the end the generation that is addicted to their digital lives may have to be the ones to show everyone else the correct way to use them.

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