Overcoming the Fear of Being Fired

It’s the shame of being fired even more than the lack of income that causes anxiety.

We are our jobs.

Spend more time working than anything else but sleeping (and sometimes even more than sleeping).

We are defined by the jobs we hold, the companies we work for and the people who constitute our work friends.

No one ever holds a party to celebrate losing their jobs.

No matter how much evidence there is that bad breaks like firings and layoffs almost always turn into something more positive and eventually more lucrative, we’re stuck on the feeling of shame.

To make it worse some employers fire people without respect to their feelings. Others don’t let the fired say goodbye or even pack up their own belongings – shaming moves.

When we fear for our careers focus on what makes us so valuable:

  • Always be able to name the three things that make you valuable to an employer – say it out loud daily.
  • Just as you should save money for a “rainy day” also save self-esteem for when you need it most.
  • Do what I do – keep a file under notes on your smartphone and list every accomplishment you have with the latest on top.  Then often scroll through this list when waiting for an appointment or ending a day so you can remind yourself of specific accomplishments that you are proud of.
  • Fear of the future is more damaging then what could actually happen.  Most of our fears will never be realized but reminding ourselves of what makes us valuable increases our confidence.

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