Lead Don’t Follow

Followers will never become leaders.

Leaders will never become followers.

If you can stand the discomfort of being out ahead of the pack, followers will always follow you.

Cut the Criticism

Criticizing yourself with or without the help of others demoralizes, hurts and does nothing to make anything better.

It’s impossible to stop others from criticizing us but we can certainly take a vow to have nothing to do with putting ourselves down.

If we can’t believe in ourselves the way we are and as hard as we try, how can we ask others to?

The Perfect Text

It’s not just the right emoji or a lot of words, it’s a feeling backed up by evidence.

This is the great and often unseen advantage of texting beyond chatting.

Giving thanks, showing gratitude with evidence to back it up can be a powerful phrase.

Texting unexpected gratitude is the perfect message.

Blowing Through Red Lights

Since the great reawakening, people are rushing to get back to full speed – sometimes at intersections or cutting folks off on the freeways and turnpikes.

That’s not the only thing we’re blowing through.

Increasing anxiety by not savoring our return to freedom by living in an accelerated state.

Some students don’t want to return to in person classes so they can watch the lectures at 2x or 3x the speed – skip the boring parts and hurry up and learn.

It’s not how much or how fast, it’s about now.

Coping With Technology

Students grade their professors anonymously at the end of each semester at NYU so I thought you’d like to see the comment I received on digital device usage in class.

  • I really liked how the professor limited our technology use in class, although it was hard to get used to at first it was actually very good in helping us cope with overuse of technology and giving us all some “me” time.

Some “me” time, exactly!

Greet Loved Ones Like You’ve Been Apart

The next time you are back in the presence of those you love and who love you, pretend that you haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks – then walk in and watch the reaction.

When you finish work and your kids return from school, greet them as if they’ve been away longer than a few hours and watch the magic of their response.

Capture the joy of reuniting with loved ones by treating them as if you’ve been apart.

Don’t Postpone Joy

Postponing joy can be terminal – agonize over the bad stuff, put off the good stuff.

And we all do it.

Some of my NYU colleagues and I have been working hard on putting together new courses that must then go through a long process of approval but the department head reminded us once the courses were approved to take some time and enjoy it.

I was already to go back to work on lesson plans but that reminder meant a lot.

Life is tough but when things go your way, don’t postpone the joy it brings.

The Gift That Makes People Addicted to You

It’s not Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok, the current social media phenomenon.

It has nothing to do with anything you might say or do.

If you want people to be drawn to you, become a better listener.

It’s not taught in schools because only you can teach it to yourself.

Listen, question and summarize what you are hearing.

Ironically, it’s the listener not the talker who people like.

Before You Give Up

Stop and ask yourself where the most successful people in the world would have been if they stopped one step short of success.

Before you give up ask yourself this one question – how badly do I want it?

There you will find your motivation to proceed.

Needy No More

I am only needy when I choose to rely on someone else instead of first believing in myself.