Phone Addiction

I forgot my phone the other day – left the house without it, went about my business and for some odd reason I was so busy or distracted that I didn’t notice.

I did have my watch on with email and other capabilities but, apparently, I didn’t look at it while I was out.

When I returned, I sat down, reached into my pocket when I realized that I must have lost my phone (I didn’t). The panic of being separated from my phone was real and I don’t have to tell you the thought was terrifying.

Then when I found it being charged, I felt proud that I could leave the house without it and survive.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to do this again or say how great it felt to be away from constant contact.

But I did learn something.

I can live without my phone, but my phone can’t live without me.

It works for me not the other way around.

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