Prove Them Wrong

James van Riemsdyk is a professional hockey player.  
He spent the last four years in Philadelphia after he was drafted into the National Hockey League.
He’s a good young prospect who has shown stretches of brilliance.  But he was also plagued with injuries, a concussion and some bad luck.  So when the Flyers traded him to the Toronto Maple Leafs last summer, van Riemsdyk wasn’t surprised.  
A well-mannered young man, he immediately tweeted the Philly faithful how much he enjoyed playing in that tough hockey town.
But it is what van Riemsdyk did next that may have made all the difference to this young, struggling athlete.
He began wearing a wristband under his equipment sent to him by a friend who owned an inspirational clothing company.  The slogan said:  “prove them wrong”.
And prove them wrong he did by getting off to the fastest start in his career with the hope that now van Riemsdyk will finally catch up to his full potential.
The trade turned out to be a win-win for both teams because the Flyers received Luke Schenn for van Riemsdyk and he is off to the same fast start with his new team.
Prove them wrong doesn’t mean do them wrong or hold a vendetta against those who give up on you.
It is a reminder to never give up on yourself.