Self-Esteem Builders

  • From today forward don’t criticize yourself.  Find ways to be better but never as a response to not being adequate.
  • Focus on what you are most proud of about yourself.  How would you describe your best advantage to another in one phrase?  Very compassionate person.  A real go-getter.  A consensus builder.  A warm heart with open arms.  Not things like this:  A great earner.  Successful person.  Rich.  Famous.
  • While you are giving appreciation to others during the day, do it for yourself.  “I’m getting through a very difficult day” or “I just made my best presentation of the year”.  Include “thank yous” to you.
  • Follow your conscience.  I have seen people passed over for promotion that have looked like they got the job because they were able to say, “I listened to myself”.
  • Perfection is a zero sum game.  Be like the athlete who plays every game to win not the person who plays every game to be perfect.  In hockey, some goals are just plain ugly, but they count!
  • Deal with mistakes as a learning tool.  Out of bad comes good – not always exactly the way we anticipate – but always.
  • Comparing yourself to others is a guarantee of future poor self-esteem.  Is the first runner up in a beauty contest chopped liver?  Is physical beauty really that important?  Marvel at who you are.
  • Give the gift that keeps on giving to others – your time – to get the real feel of what a person who likes him or herself is all about.

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