Shy About Saying I Love You

Now that Brad and Angelina are splitting, what are we to do?

More than ever we live in a world created by entertainment and media.  The stars make up to break up and it is really easy for those living more normal lives to wonder where they fit in.

Take “I love you”.

The word “love” is bandied about more than ever but sometimes we feel self-conscious about saying it.

There are other ways to say “I love you”.



Giving up having it your way to let him or her have it their way.

Practicing the art of thoughtfulness – leaving a note in the glove box that says, don’t worry about the car, all that matters is that you’re safe should there ever be an accident.

Building another person’s confidence – love is helping someone else grow and be free to flap their wings.

So, if you want to try something different today, buy a card or send an e-card that is blank so you can choose one of the ways (above) to provide your own personal evidence to the word “love”.

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