Simone Biles’ Other Victory

It was never in doubt that the Olympic gymnast has the physical talent to win at the 2023 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp, Belgium.

  • She has been plagued by mental health issues forcing her to withdraw from competition in the past.
  • Her real courage came from stepping away from competition, sustaining the whispering of social media only to regain her confidence and return when she was ready.
  • In the entertainment business, performance anxiety and imposter syndrome is a much more common problem than in the past – a reason we address it straight on in our NYU music business program.
  • It’s a new, complex world in which outside forces bombard those who are talented with palpable feelings of not being good enough but in time and with self-care, it can be overcome.

Simone Biles just put on a text book performance – yes, in gymnastics, but even more impressive in regaining the belief in herself to participate in a grueling sport.