Texting Etiquette

I love writing and I love texting.


Texting is just emerging as a powerful way to communicate.

Not just the trivial back and forth stuff we all do.  Texting can enhance relationships.

  • Texting “thank you” is powerful.  Try to do it several times a day.
  • Texting a short message of remembrance is warm and friendly.  “I’m with you on your job interview”.
  • Statements of love.  Love u is good.  Love u because you always have my back is better.  Statement + evidence to back it up.
  • Requests.  Can we talk?
  • Discovery.  Guess where I am?  Guess what I am doing?
  • Apologies.  I’m sorry.  Politicians have made apologies a national joke, but a sincere apology perhaps even with a few words to promise better is.

These six things make us better people.

Why not unlock your cellphone and make texting the powerful tool it is.

And pay attention to what’s around you while texting.  One of my readers wrote to tell me her son was on a school bus that hit and killed a person who was texting.  He’s still not able to fully process what happened.

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