The 24-Hour Rule For Sulking

Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock has done a lot of winning in his ten years in that city including hockey’s prized Stanley Cup.

But the worst day he ever had coaching, as Babcock told it the other day, was in game 7 of their first round NHL playoff series against Tampa Bay.

“So was that because I thought in my heart we were going to win that series and that we should still be playing? Was that because of what’s coming? I don’t know the answer to that.”

Disappointment can be transformative or it can be disruptive to our happiness.  Sulking over not getting what we want can lead to more sulking and excuse making.  We can lose the edge and become unfocused on what previously seemed so intuitive.

So I like the rule of thumb Babcock has:

“There’s a 24-hour rule in my house for sulking. And I used all 24 hours.”

This is the most effective way of experiencing all negative feelings.

Feel them.

Set a time limit.

Then move on with life.

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