The Advantages of a Bad Memory

Lydia Ko, a Korean-born golfer from New Zealand has perfected how to not let a bad golf shot make her angry.

I want to know this!

After all, golf is the game of life.

A lot of it is Ko’s upbringing and her personality but she is said to have a “whiteboard” for a memory.  As soon as a round of golf ends, she erases it from her mind.  Oh, God, would I love to do that.

Ever watch Tiger Woods?  He makes a bad putt and looks like his blood pressure is up to 350.

More than golf, having a “whiteboard” for a memory can be very helpful in other aspects of our life.

  • Holding animosity in (even if it appears justified), turns the hostility against you.  Forget it.
  • Most married couples argue about the past.  The past cannot be changed.  Wouldn’t a “whiteboard” here come in handy?  Forget the past, live in the present, and look forward to what can change in the future.
  • A lot of young golfers seem fearless.  They attack the game and if they fall short, they shake it off (as Taylor Swift would remind us) and get amped up for what is next.   This is worth thinking about.

Erase that which cannot be beneficial to carry around and get on with living.

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