The Best Defense Against Self-Absorbed People

Keep right on listening to them.

I’m kidding!

But that’s what we do.  We keep supplying the oxygen that keeps narcissistic people talking about themselves instead of making it a two-way conversation.

The best defense, as always, is a good offense.

Most self-absorbed people are happy to just ramble on so – cut off the oxygen – I mean, the ability to commandeer the space.

Rule of thumb:  If another person doesn’t recognize you within a few minutes of talking about themselves – if they don’t ask, don’t care, don’t listen – vacate the premises.

Say bye.  Sign off.  Move on.  Don’t feed self-absorption.

The sad reality is that many of us don’t want to be rude to people who are being rude to us.  But that doesn’t mean suffer another round of self-absorption.

As a college professor I learned that people who may come off as self-absorbed are capable of better when we take the initiative to demand a conversation; not a monologue.

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