The To-Do List That Accomplishes The Most

The To-Do list that helps us accomplish the most is the one where the majority of items are never going to get done.

Many people are great at doing to-do lists, but fewer excel at getting things accomplished in spite of all the books that have been written on the subject.

Prioritize your tasks – All to-do’s are not created equally.

Only do 20% of them each day – 80% of all productivity comes from choosing the right 20% of your tasks to work on.  Make that decision wisely and you’ll have more time and accomplish more.

Don’t use your to-do list to park things you have no intention of doing – A task list should change constantly.  It must not be static.

Some things don’t need to be done at all – and some can be delegated to others.  Knowing the difference makes all the difference.

Finishing all your tasks means you failed – Happiness and success doesn’t come from getting all your work done because you’ll simply replace completed tasks with ones in an endless vicious cycle.

Assessing what is most important is the secret to productivity.