The Unfriendly Skies of United Airlines

What kind of a screwed-up world do we live in where passengers pay to get mistreated by airlines?

The man who wouldn’t give up his spot on a United Airlines flight recently was dragged off the plane, his face bloodied and glasses hanging off his face.

All this because the crew said the flight was oversold and couldn’t get volunteers to give up their seats, so this abused man was forced to give his up.

United’s CEO fumbled two attempts at an apology.  The first, luke-warm, the second where he accused the assaulted passenger of being “disruptive and belligerent” and finally in his third try, admitting that customers should be treated better.

He also admitted the flight in question was not oversold after all.

When you apologize, make it sincere.

Don’t point an accusing finger at another unless you can recognize the three you have pointing back at you.

Compassion cost nothing.

An airline or anyone who treats another person this way should seriously seek help.

The world is a rough place, but if this is the way a company treats its customers, they don’t deserve to be in business.

Customers should be treated as if they are our loved ones and then you can never go wrong.

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