Choosing Your Mentor

I had the privilege of knowing Don Rosenberg a.k.a. Dr. Don Rose, the outstanding morning personality of WFIL, Philadelphia radio.

Recently, my friend Gerry Wilkinson who is the heart and soul of Philly Broadcast Pioneers, did what he does best – make history come alive with this quote sent to Rose by a listener on Don’s last day on the air October 5, 1973:

“Once in awhile, we meet someone who stands out from the rest of the flock. Someone who flies higher and faster and further than we ever thought possible. It helps us to do the same”. 

A mentor is defined as an experience or trusted advisor, but he/she can be so much more.

Choose to be in the air space of people with high values, worth ethic and devotion to doing the right thing.

The next time we hear the word “mentor” used, let’s compare it to the definition that Dr. Don Rose shared with us on his last Philadelphia broadcast.

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