To Get Your Way

If there is something you really want, make it second in a list of three options.

Most people don’t like one thing because it is not a choice.

Two is better, three is best.

Put what you would really want them to choose second in the list.

I learned this from the great radio owner Jerry Lee and put it to work selling ads for my publication Inside Radio.

  • The one-year deal was the first option.
  • The two-year deal was the third option (it was less expensive than the one-year ad buy).
  • The second choice was the one I wanted an advertiser to choose – three years at the best rate.

About 40% of the time by my count, the second option (the one I wanted) was chosen.

People are shrewd:  It’s no choice when there is one or two options just the minimum alternatives, but with three it is your best chance to position what you desire in second place.

And by the way, this works at home and for personal things because any choice is a win-win for all parties but the second one is extra special for you.