Track me, please!

It’s anxiety, social media, the violent times we’re living in are prompting teens to ask their parents to “Track Their Phones and Monitor Their Every Move” according to a recent poll highlighted in The Wall Street Journal.

  • 11-to-26 year-olds report that they use family location-sharing apps to foster a sense of security.
  • Apple has a popular tracking app with no shortage of other ways to monitor help.
  • Some college students check in with a parent before and/or after class – gladly so.
  • The app Life360 is a very popular way for young people to stay connected with parents.
  • Helicoptering is understandable but it does not promote building resilience, the missing ingredient to the next generation.

Can’t blame parents for caring or young people for being concerned but resilience is what prepares a person for life in 2024.