Work Related Stress

The stress we feel at work is made worse when we think about work 24 hours a day whether we are in the office or at home.

You may be a powerful executive, huge talent or high performing salesperson, but at home you are none of these.

You are a co-provider, partner, spouse, mother, father, son or daughter, family member.

The regrets that most people have in their final years on this earth are not that they didn’t work enough, but that they weren’t available to be a part of other people’s lives.

It’s not the hours of days you work.  It is living in the “at work mode” even when you’re not there.  You might as well stay at work all day and night with this mindset.

After Bob Crandall retired as the ironfisted CEO of American Airlines, he spoke at one of my seminars.  I expected this pugnacious exec to be a hard driving, difficult personality.

But Crandall showed up with his wife from whom he was taking orders.  The two of them planned to sail around the world on a yacht and post their observations to celebrate his retirement.

How could this man hated by unions and feared by almost everyone else be such a – well, such a pushover in the presence of his wife?

There’s work and there’s home and Bob Crandall knew the difference.

We can eliminate the stress of feeling like we’re letting friends and loved ones down by being 100% present in their company.

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