Being Happier

Most people don’t try to be depressed or unhappy.

The don’t wake up and say “I hope something happens to bum me out”.

Things start going wrong when the first thing occurs that causes unhappiness.  And if a second thing happens then the pattern is established.   Often it only takes one thing to ruin a day.

It’s going to be hard to turn your mood around.

How we survive from something going wrong or things that are said that hurts or angers us, sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Plainly put, we throw in the towel too quickly.

Sometimes all it takes is to try to be more resilient.

I’m bugged, but I’m not going to let this ruin my day.

I worked for weeks on that project and it hasn’t been appreciated, but I’m sure not going to dump on myself.  I did my part.

That fender bender is just what I didn’t need today BUT, I’m thankful that it’s the fender that is hurt and not me. 

This is more than just happy talk.

There is more and more science that proves how we think is how we train our brains to think.

Give in to negativity, and you will most assuredly get it.

Fight off as many aspects of it as you can and your brain gets retrained to make you stronger.

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