Boost Confidence by Focusing on Success

Everything we do wrong is in the front of our minds.

We churn it up, regurgitate it and even invite others to remind us of our failings by being first in to insult ourselves.

We think of what we have done wrong more than what we have done right.

There is research to prove that when we think like this we are actually programming parts of our brain to continue making us think this way.

But MRIs have observed the changes in the brain when people attempt to shortcut negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones.

Not pep talks but step talks that elevate thinking to the next level of possibilities instead of shortcomings.

Every failure is a rehearsal for future success.

Even on a bad day, think of the things you have done right and replay them as often as you obsess about the negative.

Small successes work as well as big ones to help train our brains.

To boost confidence, stop the band aids and think of recording positive thoughts in your brain because after a month or two, research shows your brain will help you to do this more automatically.

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