Communicate Like You Tweet

One of the great benefits of limiting our communication to Twitter length (140) characters is that it can make us more effective.

Some of the best words come when we are forced to sum it up.

Lamar Odom’s daughter Destiny tweeted: “Soon I’ll be by your side and I will never let go. I love you daddy” as he remained in a coma after a drug overdose.

Somehow we find it easier to sum it up in 140 characters than to say it from the heart.

Every editor knows that a manuscript gets better when it gets shorter.

So, some ideas worth considering:

  • Say I love you in a tweet-sized comment that you say directly to another person.
  • Appreciate someone by saying it as if you would tweet it. Example:  “You have worked late on this project every night. I appreciate you”.
  • Include evidence with the praise. To say “Nice job” or “I love you” is not as meaningful as telling someone why it was a nice job or telling your children “After yesterdays 1k run for breast cancer, you remind me of another reason why I have exactly the (son or daughter) I always wanted”.
  • Even anger is best said in tweet form in person: “I thought it was unfair for you to exclude me from that meeting” and leave it at that. Often the sentiment is more powerful when it is not burdened with a lot of other feelings that may not be relevant.

Most people say they are not communicators, but they are.

Check their social media.

Communicate like you tweet in person and it will be easier and more effective.

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