From Negative to Positive

Before we even get out of the house in the morning, we are exposed to more negativity than we even realize.

At home, in the news, email, texts, social media, anticipating work and the challenges ahead not to mention how we are feeling that day.

A lot has been written about positive attitudes but they are still elusive in our workaday world.

We are more likely to be haunted by negative thoughts when we allow our brains to act like a sponge soaking up everything around us.

When we choose our thoughts, we are more likely to automatically be more positive.

Are you choosing your thoughts or just soaking up whatever is around you?

To the extent that you can decrease a wandering mind, you will take a step toward the kind of positivity that changes your day, improves relationships and makes for a happy life.

Just one thing – take control of your thoughts and filter out the noise that’s getting to you.

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