Get Out From Under the Negativity of Others

Many workplaces are toxic, and yet we need a job.

We are intertwined with friends and associates who we might ordinarily not pick out of a lineup to be real friends.

And we can’t choose our own family which means we deal with what we have inherited for better or worse.

So what’s a person to do?

Discovering and articulating the negativity we see and hear around us helps insulate us from being those people.

Saying it to ourselves – “this guy is really depressing, so negative about the future”.

Or, again to ourselves — “what a sad view of life she has”.

Once we get used to articulating the negativity around us, we automatically distance ourselves from the destructive attitudes that bring us down.

Humans become like our environment – we adapt to circumstances as well as prevalent attitudes.

For the rest of today, see if you can make a mental note every time you see or hear a negative situation developing.  And see if it doesn’t make you feel instantly better.

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