Getting Out of a Rut

A rut is the hole we find ourselves in when a series of things go wrong and it begins to stick in our brains.

When we’re flying high, the opposite happens – we believe it is all good and will continue to be good.

What do these two conditions have in common?

Our brain – the source of all good things possible.

  • I find humor a good way to handle a series of bad breaks – “if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry” kind of attitude.  When you poke fun at your bad breaks, you are putting them in their proper place.
  • Take small steps to counter your misfortunes.  If you lose a promotion to a person who is less qualified and in the same 24-hour period find out that you need $1,200 worth of repairs on your car and then (insert the next bad thing here) — thems fightin’ words.  Do a small positive thing for every negative thing you must combat.  Do not take being in a rut lying down.  This is war but the steps can and should be small (I’ll get the next promotion and maybe this is a sign that I need a new car, etc.).
  • A friend if mine had cancer and he had it for years – that’s more than being in a rut.  But he never focused on his problems even when I asked him about them.  He simply said, I’m doing fine and asked about me.  Turn the focus away from your problems.
  • Focus on bad and you get bad.  Focus on good and you get good.  The choice is ours not fates.

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