Lead, Don’t Follow

Each week I have my NYU stress class music business students choose mood music to reflect how they have been feeling all week – it’s included in their digital assignment package.  They love it and I love to listen to what they pick.

Everyone completes it and all explain why the track is meaningful at that moment.

But when it comes to sharing their music in class (again, they already submitted the work online), only a third of the class raise their hands.

Here’s a great way to build strength.

I said since you all did the work, I want to see all hands go up when I ask who wants to share.

To be honest, the usual third of the class raised their hands.

I thought I’d get cute and ask, “who doesn’t want to share their music today?” And no hands went up.

I said next week, I want to see everyone volunteer to share their mood music and when I did it, I got about half the students to raise their hands.  Not bad – better.

I said, everyone put your hand up – they all did – and I picked people randomly.

No one suffered, it wasn’t painful – it’s a main lesson in leadership.

Now they all jump to it.

When possible, be first to go first.