Letting Go of Stress

A study in Psychological Science shows that people who hang onto stress did worse than those who were able to let it go.

Elon Musk, the brilliant SpaceX and Tesla founder is on the verge of a breakdown.

He says he can’t sleep and works constantly.

There is a difference between understanding stress and letting it go.

Decide to let go of arguments at work or home – it’s a decision; not an act of faith.

If you experience stress one full day after having a stressful experience, jettison that feeling because it will eat you alive.  Add more than one stressor and your body and mind will be under constant attack. 

Create safe havens from stress – a quiet place, a happy place, a positive friend, a spiritual moment.  Breaking stress even for a minute helps people let go.  It’s been proven. 

Ask what’s the worst that can happen when under stress – even if you have a flare for the dramatic, you’ll soon realize that your worry is usually more toxic than the consequence you fear. 

Replace a stressful moment with a grateful moment (“My boss is killing me” is switched out for “My mother is a caring person” or “my husband is so thoughtful”).  Stress switching helps retrain the brain.

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