New Bullying Tactic Called Roasting

This dangerous step up from regular cyber bullying involves humor and ganging up on someone in particular.  Dangerous because the humor part often masks the meanness of intent.

So as each year goes on adults and children both are being exposed to bullying from people who will not look them in the face to deliver their invectives.

Schools are investing a lot of time and effort into preventing bullying with minimal results.  Social media – a misnomer for sure – is the dangerous weapon.

Cyber bullying is not going away.

The best defense is a good offense from people who are comfortable being authentic.

To children, never let anyone else record on your hard drive (brain). 

To adults, bully’s go elsewhere when they see a person is truly comfortable in their own shoes.

And that’s where the answer is to be found.

No one is perfect.

No one is worthless.

And no one ever gets direct access to your brain without you first deciding whether you will let it in.

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