Nobody Wants to Work Anymore

So my friend Tom Taylor pointed me to a Snopes story that cited clippings from 14 articles that were published between 1894 (not a typo, yes 1894) and 2022 that illustrated how the same old verse has been used in the course of history about people not wanting to work.

Today, it likely means after sitting out the pandemic and thinking about it, many wanted more – a better job, more money, the ability to keep working from home, lower costs of commuting and child care.

Companies have scrambled to compete for job seekers looking to change the status quo – they’ll have to overcome career and workplace objections or risk not employing the best and brightest.

And what should workers do in this not-so-new mindset of not wanting to work at a job that doesn’t work for them?

Find an organization that has the right purpose.

Question whether the work is worthwhile.

Ask, is this a job where I can make a difference?