Regaining Your Narrative

Employers set the rules even if they don’t call them rules.

Social media defines how we relate to some of our best friends whether we care to admit to it or not.

Even when we know our life is headed the wrong way, we feel powerless to change it.

Regaining your narrative means that you take part in your life’s decisions.

If you don’t like being on call all the time, find a job where you’re not (France forbids email after work requirements for employees.  Don’t tempt me).

If you’re having a hard time telling your friends from your business contacts, maybe it’s time to stop emailing them in lieu of face time or phone time.

If you feel you are not living up to your potential, your employer or your friends and family will not be the ones to change that narrative.  Only you can and should do that.

If you run into me on one of New Jersey’s beaches this summer, you will see me walking endlessly up and down the beach and into the ocean.

I am having a private conversation with myself.  I do it every year.

I’m asking, do you want to keep doing what you’re doing?

Is there something else that is important to you?

Am I being called to another adventure and I’m so busy I don’t know it yet?

What results is a contract with myself to do the things I want to do and not mindlessly repeat another year without that which I crave.

Regain the narrative by first taking control of your narrative.

From there, all things are finally possible.

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