Releasing Stress

I saw a checkout person in Sprouts this past weekend self-destruct in front of a customer and her boss.

The customer was semi-understanding but she was melting down nonetheless.

The panic was on her face when she left her station to find her boss and when the boss arrived, she apologized profusely for making a mistake and causing the problem.

Her boss said not a word – just cancelled the mistake on the register and the increasingly irate customer was able to leave.

I was next in line.

One thing I know is that humor releases stress – a few jokes later, she was visibly relieved and seemingly back to being herself.

We all make mistakes – Houston Astros Michael Brantley is among those with the highest batting averages in baseball currently (.330) meaning he fails almost seven times out of ten.

Keep reality in perspective before trashing yourself for being human and keep a sense of humor when missing the mark.