Staying Positive During the Virus

A few days ago, I wrote that we have it better than those who lived through the pandemic of 1918 before the Internet, phone, video, Zoom, Netflix, delivery services and hand sanitizers.

I invited you to add to the list of other things they didn’t have during the 1918 health crisis which I share here:

No radio
No Walmart, Costco or
No recorded music
No easy-access to reading material (books, magazines, newspapers)
No cars to drive to isolated parks for a nice walk
No high-quality medical care
No antibiotics
No ventilators (the “iron lung” was invented in 1928)

Finding things to be grateful for makes us feel more positive that we’ve got this.

There are two reasons we will survive this pandemic.

One, 99% recover fully.

Two, gratitude for things like these give us hope.